UVA Saudi Arabia Passengers

The Way To Go

To be Global and act Local

UVA was born on a whiteboard in the Innovation Labs in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We had one thing in mind. To change the way people got from A to B.

We don't want to just move people, we want to move and grow local communities and actually support local drivers to help support the economy. 

And the brilliant thing is, we are just getting started...

Global but Local

Being global is no longer enough, and it's in our DNA to act locally.

By supporting local communities and charities we aim to help support people and their daily lives. 

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Supporting Local Drivers

We believe in people. We go above and beyond to support our Drivers across the Globe by providing them with training, sick leave, and fair pay to help support them and their families. 

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Cutting Edge Technology 

With our app, you can connect to a local driver in just a few taps of your mobile device. We have built our app from the ground up focusing on providing you with a readily available service.


Whether you have a question or are interested in investing, we always welcome a conversation.

3131 Zuair bin Qays. Taibah District. Dammam, Saudi Arabia 34271

+966 9200 07685