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Click. Ride. Relax.

UVA is a ride-hailing business that is changing the way people get from A to B. We don’t just move people, we help grow local communities.


Born on a whiteboard in the Innovation Labs in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, we had one thing in mind. To change people’s perceptions of ride-hailing. 

Today, we work and support thousands of drivers who are registered on our app. Through our clever systems, drivers are able to accept local bookings and help keep people moving. 

And the brilliant thing is, we are just getting started…

UVA is a Saudi-based business, that operates in Saudi, Egypt, and the UK with the vision to expand to even more countries. 

It's built in the UVA DNA to act locally, and support individuals and growing communities. By doing this we are supporting long-term investment, which will in turn help UVA's growth. 

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Supporting Local Drivers

We go above and beyond to support our Drivers across the Globe by providing them with training, sick leave, and fair pay to help support them and their families. 

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Cutting Edge Technology 

With our app, you can connect to a local driver in just a few taps of your mobile device. We have built our app from the ground up focusing on providing you with a readily available service.​


Ready as Always

Wherever you are or wherever you're going, UVA will be there. With a focus on supporting drivers, we are able to have high availability in our operating countries.


Supporting Local Communities

UVA prides itself on providing support for local communities and charities. From book donations all the way to supporting local heroes, we are always looking to do more.


Whether you have a question or are interested in investing, we always welcome a conversation.

3131 Zuair bin Qays. Taibah District. Dammam, Saudi Arabia 34271

+966 9200 07685

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