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Our ultimate mission is to change the way people perceive ride-hailing businesses.

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Our mission is to change the way people perceive ride-hailing businesses. We strongly believe in our drivers and users being the heart of our business success. 

The best way to put this is happy drivers = happy customers. We go above and beyond to look after our drivers by providing them with benefit options around holiday pay, pension contributions, and multiple benefits through partnerships and other ancillary products.


Our vision is to evolve local ride-hailing operations in order to service a national and international ecosystem. We see a future where booking a UVA is easy, fast, and most importantly reliable. We see UVA operating internationally, and people recognising us additionally as a local brand.

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Strategic Objectives

We are focusing on growing our driver base in order to provide a reliable service in our current key locations. This primarily involves creating a sustainable driver supply, working with legal structures, and glocalising. This is of course crucial as we want to be 'Global' whilst also being recognised as 'Local'. Through these efforts, alongside our support of other local fleets, businesses, and communities, we see a future where UVA becomes a household name.

Core Business

Our Core Business objectives focus on growing our driver supply, and making it sustainable, whilst also balancing the wins of all key stakeholders. Following this, we will continue to grow our user base and expand globally.

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